Royals Next Door

Studio: Pikkukala

Software: Storyboard Pro

Credits: Storyboard Artist


Chien Pourri

Studio: Pikkukala

Software: ToonBoom Harmony

Credits: 2D Character Animation

Maybe Baby

Directed: Picnic Studio

Peoduced by: 360i Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

Software: Adobe Photoshop

Credits: Character work

Wind Power

Stidio: Picnic Studio

Client: Christopher Floyd

Software: Adobe Photoshop

Credits: Storyboard and designing Layout Playbooks with reference material 

Chinese New Year 2019

Client: Picnic Studio 

Software: Adobe Photoshop, After Effects,TV Paint

Credits: Design, Clean up, Colour,Comp

What is Mental Illness?

Studio: Picnic Studio 

Client: Our Time

Software: Adobe Photoshop.Adobe Illustrator,After Effects

Credits: Co-writer, Storyboard artist, Animation Design,Editor, Animation 

"Box" Sting

Studio: Picnic Studio IP

Software: Adobe Photoshop.TV Paint

Credits: Animation Designer, Clean up and Editing

Tee and Mo TV Series

Studio: Plug-In Media IP

Software: Adobe Photoshop. Cinesync

Credits: Animation Designer and Storyboard Artist

Tee and Mo TV Series

Promotional Songs

Studio: Plug-In Media IP

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Animate

Credits: Art and Animation

All Star Racing 2

Studio: Plug-In Media 

Client: BBC

Software: Adobe Photoshop,Illustrator

Credits: Art 

Paw Patrol

Air Patroller Web

Studio: Plug-In Media 

Client: Nick Jr.

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate; Flump

Credits: Art and Animation 

Shimmer and Shine

Enchanted Carpet Ride App

Studio: Plug-In Media

Client: Nick Jr.

Software: Adobe Photoshop,Animate, Unity

Credits: Art and Animation


Studio: Plug-In Media 

Client: Cbeebies

Software: Adobe Photoshop,Illustrator,Flash

Cedits: Asset creation, Character rigging, Animation

Big Billy Little Billy

Studio: Plug-In Media

Client: Nick Jr

Software: Adope Photoshop, Adobe Flash

Credits: Animatic